Setting up a baby registry is not only practical but kind of a right of passage for expecting mothers. It’s an exciting time in your life, and you want your little one to have everything they need once they arrive. With so much joy in the air, however, many mothers soon find that their registry of choice isn’t exactly what they wanted.

To help make this time less stressful, we’ve put together a list of retailers that we think earn the title of Best Baby Registry. Check out the list below to help you find a registry that will suit you best, as well as a guide that details some of the most important aspects to look for in a retailer.


Our goal is to bring you a list that highlights the best products and services around, not just create another sales pitch or junk article floating around the internet. To do that, we’ve created a rating system that requires high standards to score well on.

The most important factor we look at is the customer experience. What do customers have to say in their reviews, and what testimonials can they give about the product or service in question? Every company is out to make themselves look great, but customers tell the real story.

Second, we look at data surrounding the products. For baby registries, that includes the selection and flexibility they offer, as well as aspects from shipping to gift wrapping. Who provides the most services at a reasonable price?

Finally, we consider brand reputation. Some companies have stood the test of time by offering their customers exceptional service or creating high-quality products. Those track records are essential when making a final decision.

We believe that our rating system allows our lists to highlight the best products and services on the market. Honesty and accuracy are crucial to us. We want to make sure you can compare what’s best.

The 7 Best Baby Registries

 7 Best Baby Registries

After extensive researched, we’ve found seven registries that can hold the title of “best baby registry.” Our list places the top-rated services first, working downwards on a five-star rating scale.

1. Amazon

The Amazon is the leader in online marketplaces. With their vast inventory, it comes as no surprise that they have one of the largest selections of baby-related products on Earth. From full nursery sets to changing tables and toys, they really do have it all.

The website allows those contributing to your registry to buy everything in one place while providing excellent customer service to you on returns and exchanges. Their universal registry feature enables you to add products from any other website, being a Prime member comes with a completion discount 15% discount within 60 days of your baby’s due date, and there is even a sweepstake you can enter to receive your entire registry for free.

Those purchasing gifts for your registry can view products with some of the most honest review sections on the internet, too. Finally, mothers-to-be also receive a gift box filled with product samples and goodies.

2. Target

The Target

Target provides the same benefits of shopping online but also allows your friends and family the convenience of shopping in their stores (which comes in handy for last minute gifts). The company has a wide variety of products to choose from, ranging from blankets to gliders, and also offer the option to add products from other websites.

While their selection isn’t as vast as Amazon’s, they do offer the same excellent customer service for easy returns. There is also a completion discount of 15% that starts two weeks before Amazon’s. On the downside, several items are online-only, and prices tend to be a little higher.

3. Babylist

The Babylist

Babylist registries offer access to hundreds of favorite baby products, as well as non-traditional gifts like dog sitting and home-cooked meals. Their selection includes (believe it or not) products you can find on Amazon such as Nuna Pipa car seats. Mothers also have the option of adding products from big-box stores and indie shops like Etsy.

At 60 days before your due date, a 10% discount is applied to all remaining items. Babylist offers free shipping on most items over $25, the ability to contribute to your baby’s college fund, and a cash fund for parental leave. Finally, there is a lifestyle quiz parents can take to help select what gifts would work best for their family.

4. Buy Buy Baby

The Buy Buy Baby

An extension of Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby offers an ample selection with reviewers raving about their customer service. Free wrapping tape and paper is included with in-store purchases, shipping is free on orders over $29, and their return process is as simple as they come.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of Buy Buy Baby stores compared to other brick and mortar locations. However, they make up for this fact by allowing you to use the same Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons that you would at their parent store. If you sign up via email, they’ll send you a coupon the next day.

Reviewers did note that the prices for similar items at this store are higher than others. On the bright side, you can price match any item at Babies R Us and sometimes Amazon.

5. Walmart

The Walmart

Walmart has a surprisingly decent baby registry. Their selection is fantastic, almost matching online retailers like Amazon, while their price-match guarantee makes the cost competitive. They also offer free returns within 90 days, a welcome box of product samples, and numerous locations to make picking up a gift easy. 

Outside of those perks, Walmart does not allow parents to add products from other stores. They do not offer a completion discount or gift-wrapping options, which limits your overall experience. The above options on this list are clearly better, but you can still find what you’re looking for with incredible convenience at Walmart.

6. Pottery Barn Kids

The Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids is highly reviewed by the moms who have used it. They offer high-quality products, an extensive catalog of baby/nursery accessories, and all of their items are recommended for their style by reviewers.

The store offers a 10% completion discount for a six-month duration after the baby’s due date, as well as a monthly $1500 drawing. With prices upwards of $1000 for a glider, that extra cash could come in handy. Pottery Barn’s only downsides are their lack of stores and high prices, but the expensive cost does equate to higher quality in this case.

7. Babies R Us

The Babies R Us

The R Us franchise might have closed its doors for good, but you can still take advantage of their registry. For an extra $10, any mom who’s registry was with Babies R Us can transfer it over to Babylist. That switch comes with all of the perks offered by Babylist above.

It’s a shame that they’ve closed since Babies R Us was one of the best registries out there. The selection and prices were incredible, their return process was simple, and cash incentives were everywhere from specific percentages off to bonus store credit. We chose to include this one on the list to inform mothers that could still transfer their registry instead of losing it altogether.

Buyer’s Guide

The Buyers Guide

Choosing a baby registry can seem like a daunting task. To make things a little easier on your during this time, we’ve put together a list of things to look for and how to choose the best baby registry for you.


The Location

The first aspect to consider is the location. Realistically, there might not be a Pottery Barn Kids or Buy Buy Baby anywhere in your area. So, eliminate any registries operating solely out of physical locations outside of your immediate area.

Online registries make the process easy on everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are and they often have more items to choose from. The only downside is that people can’t see the items before they buy them, so keep that in mind.


The Product

After location, the products available at a retailer are the next things to look at. Ideally, you want to make sure these essentials are covered:

  • Infant car seat
  • Clothing
  • Strollers and carriers
  • Baby monitor
  • A crib (mattress, mattress cover, and sheets)
  • Bibs and burp cloths
  • Bottles, and either a breast pump or formula
  • Toiletries
  • Disposable wipes or cloth diapers
  • A bouncer
  • And necessities like thermometers and nail clippers

Most stores will have all of the above items, so pick from the ones that additional products you would like for your baby. The more a retailer can offer through their registry, the better.

Make sure to do your homework beforehand. Heading into a store and seeing the hundreds of options available is enough to make anyone’s head spin (or start an argument between parents over what they really need). Create your list beforehand, then doublecheck with the store’s inventory.


The Costs

Prices are a concern for a majority of mothers. Not that many people are comfortable asking their friends or family to spend upwards of $1000 on dressers, cribs, or gliders. If money is no object, then this is one aspect you won’t have to worry about.

For most, choosing a retailer with a variety of prices can help complete your registry. Also look for discounts as your due date approaches, any giveaways, or member’s discounts on online sites. When purchasing big-ticket items, 15% off can make a world of difference.

Think Long-Term

The Long Term

While it’s tempting to select a list of items your baby will need from one to three months, that timeframe passes a lot faster than you might think. Before long, your baby is going to need things like a high chair and bath toys. Try to select items that will be used within the entire first year of your baby’s life.

At the same time, don’t go overboard registering clothes, blankets, or toys. People love to buy these items for babies regularly, which means you could end up with multiples that you just don’t need. Instead, focus on the most helpful items, things you will absolutely need during that first year.

Universal Registries

The Best Universal baby registries

If your retailer of choice allows you to add items from other stores to their list, that’s excellent! If not, then you might want to consider multiple registries to cover all of the items you’ll need.

Don’t be afraid to pick two or three retailers, but make sure to limit the lists from your additional options. Keeping them smaller makes it easier to receive completion discounts, but also keeps things simple for you, your family, and your friends.

Returns and Exchanges

The Returns and Exchanges

It’s not something that most people think about when creating their registry, but the chances are that you’ll have to return a few items that you receive. This can either be a simple, straightforward process or a customer service nightmare.

Check with the retailer beforehand to make sure you fully understand their return and exchange policies. Most will ensure that your gift givers will never know you’ve returned an item, which is a nice touch. For online retailers, always check their reviews to see what customers have to say about their customer service first.

Choosing the Right Registry

Selecting the best baby registry for you and your child isn’t always easy, but following the advice in this article can make it a far less stressful process. Remember, your registry is as much about your friends and family as it is you. So, pick whatever you would like!