A baby thermometer should be safe to use and provide you with accurate readings every time. If you are wondering which product is the best baby thermometer, take a look at our shopping guide and product recommendations.

You need to invest in a reliable baby thermometer if you have a newborn at home. Fever can make a baby cranky and it is important to determine if your baby is getting sick. Fever is also a common symptom of a baby getting her first teeth. Here is what you need to know about finding the best baby thermometer.

How We Chose Our Ratings


We looked at four different things when selecting and reviewing different baby thermometers:

  • Safety is crucial when shopping for pretty much every baby product you are going to need. We only selected best baby thermometers that are safe to use with babies.
  • You need to know what your baby’s exact temperature is. We chose high-quality thermometers that will give you an accurate reading every time.
  • Easy to use. Babies and toddlers don’t like to sit still. We selected thermometers that are easy to use so you can get an accurate reading even when your baby is being fussy.
  • We looked at reviews from shoppers to determine which thermometers are safe and easy to use

Top Six Best Baby Thermometers

Here are six baby thermometers we selected. Compare them to find the best baby thermometer for your needs.

1. Braun Forehead Thermometer

Braun Forehead Thermometer

This infrared thermometer delivers an accurate reading every time. All you have to do is swipe across your baby’s forehead to see her temperature

We like the large display that shows your child’s temperature. The display is also color-coded, which helps you quickly determine if your child has a fever and how serious it is.

You can get a reading in a few seconds with this thermometer. Since you are scanning the temporal artery, the temperature is accurate, and there is no need to touch your child’s skin. This means you won’t have to clean the thermometer and can safely use it for other family members.

The thermometer features a large handle and is very easy to use. Finding the correct spot to read your baby’s thermometer isn’t difficult since you can swipe across the forehead.

This forehead thermometer is a little more expensive than other products, but this is a good investment since you can use it for everyone in your family and are going to love how easy it is to check your baby’s temperature.

2. Baby Thermometer – Forehead And Ear Thermometer For Fever By Dr. Kea

Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Fever - Digital Baby Thermometer...

We like this compact thermometer because you can use it for a forehead or ear temperature reading. There is a third mode that allows you to check the temperature of a room. This isn’t a feature you might use often, but it makes the product more versatile.

You can easily switch between modes thanks to the buttons you will find on the side of the handle. The thermometer features an LED display that will show you which mode is currently selected. The display shows the temperature in large numbers.

You can select a silent mode to check your baby’s temperature during her nap. The LED backlit screen makes it easy to read the temperature in the dark. The backlit display will turn red if your baby has a fever.

You can get a fast reading by simply swiping across your baby’s forehead, or remove the cover and insert the thermometer tip in your baby’s ear. Both methods are fast and accurate.

This baby thermometer is a great choice if you are looking for something that is versatile, compact, and affordable.

3. Baby Digital Thermometer

Baby Thermometer - Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever by DrKea -...

This multi-use thermometer is a must-have item if you aren’t willing to spend more to get an infrared thermometer or need something you can use as a back-up.

You can get an accurate temperature reading in thirty seconds. This isn’t as fast as with other types of thermometers, but you can count on this thermometer to give you a reliable reading.

This thermometer features an on and off button and a screen that displays the temperature. This is a good option if you don’t want to have to select from different modes or use advanced controls.

The thermometer features a flexible tip and can be used orally, rectally, or for under the arm readings. Remember that you can only use it rectally or under the arm on a baby since taken a baby’s temperature orally isn’t safe.

The thermometer is waterproof, which means you can easily wash it with warm water and dish soap. We think this thermometer is a good buy if you want something affordable and might not use it often.

4. Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer For All Ages

Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever - Digital Medical Baby, Kid and...

This compact multi-use thermometer has an original design with its large round display. We like how the thermometer shows you reading in large numbers and displays a smiley face to let you know if the reading is within a normal range or not.

You can use this thermometer rectally or under the arm for a baby, and orally for an older child. You will get an accurate reading in eight seconds.

The app that comes with this thermometer is what makes the product stand out. The thermometer uses a Bluetooth connection to send readings to the app.

This feature allows you to track your baby’s temperature throughout the day and night. The app has a lot of other interesting features. You can create different profiles for family members, record temperature readings along with the time you took the temperature, add other symptoms, get reminders for your child’s medication. The app will also show you tips for managing the symptoms you record.

We think this thermometer is ideal if you have more than one child and need a way to track temperature and other symptoms.

5. Clinical Digital Thermometer FDA Approved 10 Sec


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This is one of the best multi-use thermometers we could find. We recommend this thermometer if you want an affordable and versatile product.

This thermometer has a very simple design. It features a large handle and a flexible tip. You can use it for oral, rectal, and under the arm readings. Keep in mind that oral readings aren’t safe for babies.

We like this thermometer because you can get a very accurate reading in only ten seconds. There are no complicated controls. All you need to do is press the on button to power on the thermometer and press this same button again to turn it off.

The display will show you the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer will also display the last temperature reading you took. This is a useful feature if you want to see how your baby’s fever is progressing.

The waterproof design makes the thermometer easy to clean. It comes with a storage and carry case.

6. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer For Baby, Kid, And Adult

Kinsa [Old Model] Smart Ear Thermometer for Fever - Accurate, Fast,...

This thermometer sends readings to a companion app via a Bluetooth connection. This is an interesting feature since you can create profiles for different family members and save their temperature readings.

The app also lets you record symptoms and display advice on what to do next. This is a convenient feature if you have multiple children sick at the same time.

The thermometer in itself is very easy to use. There is a tip you can insert in your child’s ear to get an instant and accurate reading.

The thermometer display shows the temperature in large numbers along with a smiley face that indicates whether or not your child has a fever.

We like this thermometer because of the battery life, the companion app, and the quick and easy readings you can get with it.

Baby Thermometer Shopping Guide

lady with a shopping cart

Finding the best baby thermometer can be difficult since there are different types of thermometers to choose from. Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation if you aren’t sure what is best for your situation.

Different Types Of Baby Thermometers


There are different types of thermometers that are safe to use on a baby or toddler. The best option depends on the age of your baby and on how often you will use the thermometer.

If you are looking for an affordable option, consider a multi-use thermometer. These thermometers can be used to get a reading under the arm, rectally, or orally. The readings are very accurate and you can typically get a reading within a few seconds.

Rectal thermometers are another accurate and affordable options. Make sure you choose one designed for babies and look for a thermometer with a flexible tip. The downside of these thermometers is that you will have to wait a while to get an accurate reading.

If your baby is at least six months old, you can use an ear or tympanic thermometer. These thermometers use an infrared ray to read the temperature inside the ear canal.

This is a quick and accurate method, but you need to place the thermometer in the right spot to get a reading. These thermometers are more expensive than other products, but this is something you should buy if you want to get an instant reading.

Artery thermometers use similar technology to read the temperature on the forehead or behind the ear. These thermometers are very accurate and give you an immediate reading. They are a little easier to use compared to tympanic thermometer since the area you can scan is larger.

Artery thermometers are perfect for fussy babies and toddlers. You can take your child’s temperature while they are asleep. All you need to do is briefly scan a spot on your child’s forehead or behind her ear.

You will probably come across pacifier thermometers when looking for the best baby thermometer. These thermometers should be avoided since they are not as accurate as other methods.

Safety First

safety fisrt

Safety should always come first when shopping for a baby thermometer. Look for products designed for the age range of your child.

Find out more about the manufacturer of the thermometer. Choose a product made by a brand with a good reputation. Look for thermometers that have been tested and certified for use with babies or toddlers.

There are a few rules to follow when using a baby thermometer. Make sure you clean the thermometer after every use. A product that is easy to clean and that comes with a storage case would be a plus.

Remember that oral thermometers are not safe for babies. Your child is too young to understand she needs to keep the thermometer under her tongue.

If you decide to get a multi-use thermometer, use it for only one thing. You can use these thermometers to get an oral, rectal, or under the arm reading. Decide how you will use the thermometer and get a different one if you want to try another method.

You should never let a baby unattended with a thermometer. Take the time to read the instructions of your new baby thermometer to make sure you use it correctly.

How Old Is Your Child?


Take the age of your child into consideration when shopping for a thermometer. A rectal or multi-use thermometer is a great option if you are looking for an inexpensive thermometer. These thermometers are safe to use and will give you an accurate reading.

However, these methods might not be ideal if you have a fussy toddler. You should look into using an ear or tympanic thermometer if your baby is older than six months. These thermometers give you an instant reading, and most babies and toddlers don’t mind it.

An artery thermometer is more expensive, but this is your best option if you have a fussy child. You can get a reading instantly and can let your baby sleep through it.

Make sure you choose a thermometer that is safe to use with your baby, and that will give you an accurate reading every time. If you are not sure which baby thermometer is best for you, ask your pediatrician if they can recommend a product.

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