The 5 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Available

Although they look beautiful when they are new or first installed, hardwood floors require some upkeep, so they remain beautiful.

Fortunately, that is not the case. By using the best hardwood floor cleaner, you can easily keep them clean and maintain their beauty. 

How We Reviewed

When researching hardwood floor cleaners, we read about the brands, and the ingredients in the cleaner to ensure they are safe for wood flooring.

We also read the opinions of those who use these brands and whether they would recommend them to others. This information should help homeowners choose the best hardwood floor cleaner for their needs.

Overall Price Range 

The cost for cleaners for hardwood floors ranges from around $5 to $12 per bottle. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cleaner

Before shopping for a hardwood floor cleaner, review the manufacturer’s warranty on your flooring if you bought and had it installed within 10 to 30 years ago. The warranty length will depend on the type of flooring it is, and whether it was stained and sealed by the company or the buyer. 

Flooring manufacturers often make recommendations about which type of cleaners to use and which to avoid using. Using the wrong type of cleaner could void the warranty, and then any future issues with it may not be covered.  

Read the Labels

By reading the label of a cleaner, you can find out which ingredients are in it and whether it’s safe for the flooring’s finish and sealant. The label can also provide information about what type of flooring that homeowners should, and shouldn’t, use to clean. 

Also, look for ingredients that shouldn’t be in cleaners for hardwood floors, like oils, waxes, ammonia, lemon juice, or vinegar and abrasive materials. Use brands that you’re familiar with instead of those you’ve never heard of before to clean the floors.

Top 5 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Reviews

Here are our choices for the best hardwood floor cleaners you can choose from for your home.

1. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner: For Hardwood,…

  • Provides a streak-free clean every time- No-rinse Hypoallergenic formula
  • Great on all types wood or laminate, engineered flooring.
  • Bamboo, Cork, Pergo, Armstrong, Mohawk and more…..

This floor cleaner by the company Black Diamond Stoneworks is available in 

a variety of sizes, and it’s suitable for natural, real, and engineered hardwood floors.

Key Features

This wood and laminate floor cleaner doesn’t need rinsing from the floorboards once it is applied. After spraying it on the floor, take a dry mop to clean the floor, wiping it dry. It cleans spills, dust, dirt, and footprints, so they are no longer visible.

The formula is eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it shouldn’t cause any harm to the flooring, pets, or the person using it.

The spray dries without streaking, and it is suitable for engineered flooring, laminate, and real hardwoods. It is available in one-quart and one-gallon containers or one-gallon and two-quart bundles.  

Pros and Cons

These are some of the things we like and don’t like about this cleaner.


Available in different size bottles has a no-rinse formula

  • Doesn’t streak when it dries


All the ingredients are not available on the label

  • Only comes in one gallon or one-quart containers

2. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish Restorer Combo – 2 Pack -…

  • Restore – Micro-filling technology removes scratches while forming a protective scratch resistant layer
  • Versatile – Can be used on any finished hardwood surface, rejuvenating a shine with no sticky residue
  • Safer – This “ready to use” formula can be used around kids and pets without causing harm

The Weiman hardwood floor cleaner also comes with a bottle of hardwood polish and restorer to help revitalize older floors with damage.

Key Features

The cleaner and polish are specifically for finished hardwood flooring, so if you have unfinished floors, then you need to find another product.

These products are safe to use around children or pets, and it’s ready to use, so you can apply it on the floor to break up dirt, grime, and greasy spots to clean them without leaving residue or streaks.

The floor restorer helps to bring back the shine on dull wood flooring while it lifts the dirt and grime that often sticks on the floor.

Along with restoring the shine and how the floor appears, the restorer also repairs surface scratches because it contains a micro-filter that fills them. Also, the restorer solution forms a protective layer that can prevent new surface scratches. It is available in 32-ounce bottles.

Pros and Cons

Here are the things we like and don’t like about the Weiman cleaner and restorer.


Has micro-fill to repair scratches restore the appearance of hardwood floors

  • Breaks up grime and grease for easier cleaning


Doesn’t work for unfinished floors

  • Only one bottle size available

3. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Original…

  • Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Waterbased cleaning formula dries fast, is residue-free, and safe for people, pets and the planet
  • Ready-to-use, just spray and mop

This hardwood floor cleaner is only for unoiled, unwaxed polyurethane coatings on flooring.

Key Features

Bona makes their hardwood floor cleaner ready to use, so all people need to do is spray it on the floor and use a soft mop to remove it.

It’s a water-based spray, so it is better for the environment and safe to use around kids and pets. However, you should use it cautiously and only use enough of it to clean the flooring.

The spray cleans the flooring and dries quickly without leaving a residue on the wood. Also, the product has low levels of VOC or volatile organic compounds, which can affect indoor air quality. It is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle.

Pros and Cons

Here are some things we like about this product and some that we don’t.


Cleans and dries without leaving a sticky residue water-based cleaner that’s safe for people and pets

  • Dries quickly


They sell other bottle sizes separately

  • Only suitable for cleaning polyurethane finishes on floors

4. Begley’s Best Earth Responsible 

Begley’s Best Earth Responsible Natural Plant-Based Hardwood Floor…

  • Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Super effective natural citrus based solvent quickly cleans and melts away grease and…
  • Powerful Cleaning – Enjoy streak-free performance with no waxy film or shine dulling residue, reduces fingerprints and…
  • Why Plant-based Ingredients – When cleaning products evaporate, they go into the air. You and your family breathe this…

Begley’s hardwood floor cleaner is ideal for both engineered and real hardwood floors.

Key Features

This natural hardwood floor cleaner is plant-based, so it doesn’t have harmful fumes and is applicable to people and pets. It has a subtle citrus scent that gives your home a clean smell as it dries. The solution is eco-friendly, and it breaks up dirt and grime to quickly clean it. 

The cleaner is ready to use, pour it onto the flooring, and use a microfiber mop to clean the floors. It doesn’t leave streaks or residue when it dries.

Since the cleaner is plant-based, it’s biodegradable and safe to use around humans, pets, and the plants in your house. It is available in a 24-ounce recyclable bottle, and a 64-oz refill or the refill is available separately,

Pros and Cons

Here is what we like or don’t like about this product.


The plant-based cleaner that is safe for household use Biodegradable

  • Uses recycled bottles to package the cleaner


The company doesn’t sell the 24-oz bottle separately

  • Only comes with a citrus scent

5. Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, Almond, 68 Ounce, 1…

  • Contains (1) 68 ounce refill bottle of hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Refills your method wood floor cleaner bottle 2.72 times (to be exact).
  • One-step clean + gleam, no rinsing required.

This wood floor cleaner from a company called Method comes in a 68-oz bottle in an almond scent, or buyers can get 25-oz bottles in lemon ginger, ginger yuzu, spearmint sage, and almond scents.

Key Features

The cleaner is ready from the bottle, so you can squirt it onto the hardwood planks and use a mop to clean them. It’s biodegradable and safe to use around both people and pets because it is a plant-based solution, so it doesn’t give off toxic fumes.

The nozzle on the bottle provides a shower-like spray, so it spreads the cleaner out over the floor. The nozzle helps you use less of the cleaner, so it lasts longer than other brands.

The smaller bottles, 25-oz, come six in a package in all scents save almond, which reduces the cost per bottle, or you can buy them one bottle at a time. 

The 25- and 68-oz almond scent cleans both laminate and real hardwood floors, while the other bottles clean hard floors that include laminate flooring, linoleum, vinyl, and tile. 

Pros and Cons

These are some of the features that we do and don’t like about this cleaner.


It’s available in different size bottles has natural, plant-based ingredients

  • It only requires being sprayed on the floor and mopped to clean the wood


Only the almond scent is specifically for cleaning hardwood floors

  • The small bottle of the almond scent is not available in multi-packs

Hardwood Floor Cleaner FAQs

This information can help you choose the right hardwood floor cleaner for your needs.

1. What is a hardwood floor cleaner?

Every floor attracts dirt, whether it’s from wet shoes or boots, dust, or spilling a drink on it. The primary trick to keeping floors clean is using the correct cleaner, especially if the floors are real hardwoods. 

Wood is a porous material and absorbs liquid, so the cleaner mustn’t dissolve the sealant on the floor and soak into the wood.

It’s essential that you read the manufacturer’s warranty if the flooring is new. Many manufacturers will void a warranty if anything more than a damp mop is used to clean the floors.

A damp mop should be barely wet because water can be wood’s worst enemy, even if the floor has a good seal on it. However, if the hardwood floor isn’t new, then a cleaner may help revitalize how it looks.

2. How do hardwood floor cleaners work?

The right hardwood floor cleaner will dissolve the dirt and help remove it without harming the sealant, stain, or wood. With this in mind, it’s important to know what ingredients shouldn’t be in a hardwood cleaner.

No Oil or Waxes

Do not use cleaners with oils or waxes because oil can leave a residue on the floor as it dries. The wax for floors can take time to apply, re-coating a floor with wax can be challenging, and products with wax in them, like furniture sprays, can create very slippery surfaces.

No Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Some people recommend a mixture of vinegar and water or lemon juice and water on a damp mop to clean hardwood floors. However, vinegar and lemon are acidic and could remove the protective sealant on hardwood planks, so you don’t want to use those liquids either.

Also, you shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners or supplies like scrubbers or stiff brushes on your floors. Real hardwood scratches easily, which would ruin their appearance. Straight ammonia, can be dangerous to the user if it’s inhaled, and it can also cause scratches on a floor’s surface.

A mild soap, such as a dish detergent, is an excellent cleaner for hardwood floors when it’s mixed with water. However, only use a damp soft cloth mop on the flooring. Too much water can soak into the wood and cause staining. 

3. Where can you buy hardwood floor cleaners?

Most general retail stores have some hardwood floor cleaners, but the best place to buy them is at home improvement centers or hardware stores.

Some clerks may be able to help you select a good cleaner or pay attention to the recommendations from your flooring manufacturer because they often recommend specific cleaners for their flooring. 

Final Verdict

The hardwood cleaners on this list are ready to use out of the bottle to clean hardwood floors, whether they are laminate or polyurethane finishes. 

When you buy a cleaner, read the label to make sure it can clean the type of hardwood floor that is in your house. Your floor could sustain damage if you don’t verify that information.

While many of them are much the same, promising to clean and shine the wood, the one we like, which we consider the best hardwood floor cleaner, is Begley’s Best Earth Responsible Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

It is a plant-based cleaner that is safe to use in your home around children and pets. It is available in a 25-oz spray bottle and 68-oz refill, and it leaves behind a subtle citrus scent to enjoy along with clean floors.

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