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Top 10 Best Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Cases, Bags & Covers

Kindle fire – HDX is the popular tablet available from Amazon due to the amazing price and awesome hardware. This is one among those few tables which comes under the price of about 250 dollars with the features of quad core processor and HD display. It is really something fragile and can be easily held in hand without any issues. It is something that has got all the features for protecting the tablet from any kind of scratches. The screen should be protected well for preventing any kind of crack. These are the best 10 cases as well as covers for Amazon kindle fire HDX that can protect it well from any kind of cracks and also breakage.

10. Zip Sleeve

Zip Sleeve

This is the kind of slip sleeve which can be much easily accessible. There are chances for you to get these sleeves in any of the colors that you want as they are manufactured in varieties of colors. This is the kind of the cover that comes in the cheapest rate for the Amazon kindle. This is the model that is made out of textile material that is stylish and simple. There is zipper available for securing the tablet. The weight of this cover is also much less. This is the sleeve that can be mostly recommended in the form of cover to be used for the tablet when it is not used. There are chances for it to be in need of a cover in addition for protecting the screen. There are chances for you to provide your tablet with great protection.

9. Standing Polyurethane – Origami Case


This is the origami case which has borrowed the design concept which is used in the case of other tablets. It is the sleeve that can be used in the form of all purpose sleeves. It can help in protecting Kindle tablet and also for transporting that in backpack and also for using that. This is the kind of the cover that has got folding design which has a front cover which makes much easier for having tablet standing in the position so that you can easily watch the movies. It is possible for positioning the tablet for reading and also for watching the streams without holding it. It can really make you get the tablet in standing position and do exactly what you need without holding that.

8. Belkin Chambray – Cover


This is the cover made by the brand Belkin. It has got a design that is really so good compared to the expensive ones available in the market. Exterior of it can be something similar to one among the handcover notebook that has got leather on a side. This is the cover that is available in about 4 various colors. It also provides tablets with good level of the protection from tablet. This cover can also be folded to stand for making a better viewing experience.

7. Marblue Ultra – Lightweight Origin – Case


This is the case for HDX that has got many similarities of design with that of Belkin’s product. Some of the functionality elements associated with it make it better compared to Belkin even when the looks of it may not be so appealing. Front part of the case is something that looks similar to the notebook that is covered with a black leather. It even has got magnets that are built in for making much easier for handling and offering possibility for turning it to the stand and using that for reading and also viewing things. It is bit better compared to Belkin.

6. Standing Case from Otterbox Defender


Otterbox defender really an awesome case but is not so pretty. It is really good in the case of protection and durability. It has got all the features for protecting the HDX tablet even from tall building. It can provide protection in three layers. It can also be easily converted to a stand.

5. Poetic Slimline – Case


This is the kindle case that is slimmest available in the market. It can provide the tablet with better protection and also do not make the tablet heavier or bigger. It can be easily converted to stand as it has got front cover that is folding in nature.

4. Vangoddy Hydei – Bag


This is the big case that has got excellent traveling mate which can easily protect tablet. It can easily carry few other things along with the tablet.

3. Supcase Premium – Slim Hard – Shell Leather – Case


Supcase is the product that is a premium one and can be considered as the perfect one. Exterior of the case is made out of synthetic material and interior has got soft fabric used for making that so that scratches can be prevented. This case can be available in the market in 5 various colors. It is a slim and light case to be used. It has got features that can be adjusted with the stand. The design of the stand is something appealing and has got much less price. It is really a great one to consider in terms of both the looks and also the functionality associated with that.

2. Case from Moko


Moko is a great case for all those who need something more for protecting the kindle HDX. It has got a Bluetooth keyboard which is integrated by default and can be easily connected with the tablet without any hassles. It is made out of synthetic leather which can easily protect the tablet from ant kind of damages. It can also be used in the form of stand. It can easily convert tablet to the netbook. The only thing that you may not find in it is mouse.

1. Fashion Leather – Hard Shell – Cube Bag


This is the case from fashion leather that has got multiple cases. HDX edition is something that can be useful as a tablet. It can be designed for looking in the form of smaller briefcase. Full package usually has got so many accessories in that. It has got Bluetooth keyboard, laser pen and also a stand along with it.