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Top 10 Best Car Covers in 2018 Reviews

A good car cover can be more than just attractive. It can also protect a car while in storage. It keeps it from being harmed by debris, dust and many extreme weather conditions. This listing of the to 10 beset car covers in 2015 showcases many fine models.

10. Leader Accessories Car Cover

Leader Accessories Car Cover All Weather UV Protection Basic Guard 3...

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Designed as a budget model that features a low price, this Leader car cover uses UV protection with three layers of protection over the car. This is secured in its own bag and has a poly cotton inside that will protect the car’s paint while also keeping the space comfortable and less likely to scratch.

9. Empire Covers Titan 5L

EmpireCovers Titan 5-Layer Series Car Cover Universial Fit for Cars up...

Shop now at Amazon.com

This is a sunproof cover from Empire Covers that comes in seven different sizes for many special needs. This cover has a Tyvek body that is UV resistant and will keep the car cool and comfortable while it is in storage. The hems are also fully elastic and easy to use.

8. Rampage 1304 Universal Cover

RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 1304 Universal Easyfit 4-Layer Polypropylene Car...

Shop now at Amazon.com

Rampage made this car cover with a design that can be fit into a single bag. The cover has a four-layer setup and a sturdy outside layer that will protect the car from weather-related issues. The inside layer is made of a soft fabric that will stick over the car without slipping off or causing any problems. This can even be secured when not in use through a lock and key material while keeping it in the bag so it will not accidentally become open and at risk of certain problems.

7. Duck Covers A1C228 Defender

Duck Covers - A1C228 Defender Car Cover for Sedans up to 19'

Shop now at Amazon.com

The Defender car cover is available in five different sizes so there’s certainly a model that will protect one’s car the right way. It has a light grey color with a blue racing stripe right in the middle of the car This also has a storage bag to protect it while not in use. The corners have full securing loops designed to ensure that the vehicle will be properly covered and carefully handled as required so it will be fully protected.

6. Budge Rain Barrier Car Cover

Budge Rain Barrier Car Cover, Outdoor, Water-Resistant, Breathable,...

Shop now at Amazon.com

This model from Budge can handle sedans of varying lengths with different options being able for five different sizes. This has welded seams designed to make sure the material is fully stable and strong. This is also a fully waterproof cover.

5. Rain-X 804511 Ultra Large Cover

Rain-X Ultra Large Car Cover

Shop now at Amazon.com

This Rain-X model has a nice blue body that is UV protected and has a soft body. The body will not scratch the car while in use. It has a trunk loop plus a series of straps that help with handling the corners to keep the cover intact. An antenna patch is also included for the user’s needs.

4. OxGord Signature Auto Cover

OxGord Signature Auto Cover - Water Resistant 5 Layers - True...

Shop now at Amazon.com

OxGord has designed many fine auto covers that are designed in varying lengths with some going up to 270 inches in length. These covers are made from five-layer waterproof surfaces that include polypropylene, micro-porous film and fleece.

3. Coverking UVCTFSEI98 Universal for Truck with Short Bed Extension Cab

COVERKING Universal Cover FITS Full Size Truck Short Bed EXT. CAB...

Shop now at Amazon.com

A big car cover can be perfect for when one’s got a truck with an extension cab. This model from Coverking has a three-layer UV-treated polypropylene body that will move all the way over one of these large vehicles. It has a body that allows inside moisture to escape while keeping new moisture from moving into the bed. Special variants for short and long bed vehicles with standard or extension cabs can be found as well.

2. Leader Accessories Xguard 5-Layers

Leader Accessories Xtreme guard 5 Layers Waterproof Breathable Outdoor...

Shop now at Amazon.com

Designed with five layers of protection, this unit from Leader Accessories features a body that comes in many sizes to handle just about every type of car all around. It has a series of ultrasonic seams and will keep the vehicle dry for as long as possible. The breathable fabric allows water to move out from inside the vehicle as well, thus keeping mold and mildew out.

1. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 1 Full-Size Sedan Car Cover,...

Shop now at Amazon.com

Available in three different sizes, this is a fine sedan cover that has a noteworthy blue texture. It has a soft body and an antenna patch that will reinforce the material. The elastic bottom hem allows for a strong stretching feature and will carefully work well around any surface. The PolyPro 1 fabric will repel water and will allow air to move around quite well, thus keeping mildew and mold from being a threat inside the vehicle. The material will over different cars of varying heights as well.

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