Every woman likes to have smooth, beautiful and silky legs – nonetheless, we all know just how difficult that can be at times. If your legs or armpits always get irritated due to the sharp razors and your skin is overly sensitive, then electric shavers may be the answer to all your questions. Sleek, compact, lightweight, feature-rich and highly efficient at the same time, these electric shavers can help you stay groomed and beautiful without any effort! Having said that, here you will find a deeper insight into the top 10 best electric shavers for women in 2018 Reviews that will hopefully help you decide on the most suitable product for you:

10. Panasonic Ladies Shaver With Three Blades

Panasonic Ladies Shaver 3

This ladies shaver is very popular due to the fact that it features no less than three precise and very sharp blades – these pivoting blades aim to easily glide over your curves, especially along the areas that are particularly difficult to reach, such as under your arms or behind the knees. It has happened to all ladies at least once to accidentally cut themselves while shaving – fortunately, this will never be the case again with this dual shaver for women, designed to ensure a truly smooth shave. No rashes or skin irritations to worry about – and besides this, not only can you use the shaver on both dry and wet skin, but it also comes with a great and highly convenient bikini trimmer attachment.

9. Braun Silk Epil Ladies Shaver

Braun Silk

The shaver is fully immersible and it can be used both in wet and dry conditions, be it for a complete and smooth shave or for a quick touch-up. The shaver is lightweight and portable, it is user-friendly and very compact at the same time, thus helping you save a lot of space. Moreover, the blades and foils are hypoallergenic and they do not contain any traces of nickel whatsoever, therefore you can rest assured knowing that this shaver is entirely safe to use. This ladies shaver guarantees you a full 20 minute operating time, and the shaver also comes with a two-year guarantee on both the labor and the parts.

8. The Panasonic Bikini Shaver And Trimmer


You can now enjoy a clean, smooth and perfect shaving thanks to this wet and dry shaver for ladies. Convenient, very easy to use, effective and gentle with your skin at the same time, this shaver will quickly become your best friend, especially if you want to be ready for summer!

7. Butterfly Shaver Smart


This is a shaver for women that stands out through its elegant and impeccable design, and through its irreproachable performance. The butterfly design is not only fancy and appealing to ladies, but it also has a very ergonomic design. In a nutshell, the Butterfly Shaver Smart is a smooth and silky rechargeable shaver that delivers a superior grooming and shaving experience, and that features an advanced blade system of floating heads and foils, for the ultimate shaving experience.

6. Surker Rechargeable Lady Epilator And Shaver


The Surker Rechargeable Lady Shaver comes with a unique and girly design, and it also features foils that glide over your curves while the floating independent heads carefully shave your underarms and your legs. The shaver features a hypoallergenic, nickel-free foil that is very gentle on sensitive skin, therefore you never have to worry about cuts, bumps, abrasions or irritations ever again.

5. The Satiny Smooth by Conair


Manufactured by the renowned Conair, the Satiny Smooth is a dual wet and dry rechargeable shaver for women that is specifically designed to ensure a fast, effortless and silky smooth shaving. The shaver featured two independent floating foils and cutters that can be used both on wet and on dry skin, and the fact that the unit is fully rechargeable is great for environmentally-conscious users who want to save some time and money on batteries. Having said that, the Satiny Smooth by Conair can be quickly recharged and it ensures 25 minutes of continuous operation.

The shaver also features full width trimmers, and one of them is designed to pop up for accurate and efficient bikini line trimming. The shaver also has a charging stand as well as a charging indicator light, and it comes with a cleaning brush and two full size trimmers that aim to cut the hair close to stubble length, for a truly smooth close shaving. With this efficient and advanced shaver for ladies, you never have to worry about getting irritated skin or pimples ever again.

4. Panasonic ES2216PC


This is yet another dual and highly efficient shaver by Panasonic. Over the years, Panasonic has managed to stand out amongst the electronics manufacturers through its high-quality and affordable products – the shavers for women being particularly popular. Having said that, one of the most important aspects regarding this Panasonic system is the Pivot acting shaving system, which is specifically created to prevent bumps caused by hairs grown under the skin and all the mess that results from the shaving session.

3. Remington WDF4840


In addition to the fact that this Remington shaver features flexible hypoallergenic foils, it also comes with an aloe vera strip designed to prevent irritation and to help the device deliver a close and impeccable shave. Also, this is a dual shaver for women that can be used in all circumstances, both on wet and on dry skin – rechargeable, lightweight, compact and easy to transport, the shaver also features a bikini trimmer attachment and it ensures a continuous 30 minute cordless runtime.

2. Remington WDF-3600


Remington is certainly one of the most appreciated makers of shavers and epilators for women at the moment, and the WDF-3600 model certainly testifies to that. This is a new shaver that features a smooth glide trimmer, and that also comes with nano silver designed to reduce bumps and irritation. Moreover, the shaver also comes with a detail trimmer for detailing the eyebrows and for a wealth of other grooming needs, and it also features a bikini trimmer head guard that is designed for a clean and perfect trimmer inside the bikini line. This is a rechargeable trimmer for ladies, it is shower-safe, it can be used both on wet and dry skin and it also features independent floating foils.

1. Panasonic ES2207P


The number one on the list is undoubtedly the ES2207P by Panasonic, which features a triple blade shaving system for close curves – efficient and effective, this is an outstanding grooming tool that features highly precise trimmers and ultra thin shaving foil. The blades are designed to stay sharp over the years, as they are made from an extremely durable material – moreover, the shaver also features a dual pop up trimmer that is specifically created for removing stray hairs or longer hairs.