The body’s scent is very vital for every woman. In fact, for women, wearing a perfume is not only a reflection of humanity, but also a gallant and sacred message that communicates a sense of sensuality. For women, wearing fragrances is one of the best ways they can relax their body, inspire their confidence and improve their mood, entice their partners, and project their image to the world. In this article, therefore, is a review of top 10 best fragrances for women in 2015. Find out which fragrance will help you bring the best out of yourself while showing the world your true feminine power.

10. Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine


Launched by the design house, Halle Berry in 2013, Exotic Jasme is classified as one of the best exotic, floral feminine fragrance whose scent gently caresses the skin while luring you with an intoxicating a blend of warm skin musks and seductive woody notes. The fragrance brings an empowering, captivating and alluring feeling. Top notes are water lily, fern and raspberry; heart notes include mimosa and violet while base notes are cedar, mahogany, vanilla and cashmere wood.

9. Avon Instinct for Her


Avon’s Instinct for Her is a new fragrance for women launched in 2013 to incite primal desires with its intense fusion of exotic camellia, sparkling greens and a touch of sensual sandalwood. The exotic fragrance comes a wash of bright and fruity scent that envelops everywhere you go. It so doing, it allows you to unleash your sensual and passionate side, and experience your feminine wildest dreams. The fragrance has notes of Mandarin, Ebony Wood and Sage. It is designed for those women who want to feel beautiful, confident and confident about how sexy they are.

8. Forbidden by Victoria’s Street


Introduced in 2014 by Victoria Secret, FORBIDDEN is a feminine fragrance that blends heady jasmine flowers, rich pear, spicy amber, juicy blackberry and the intoxicating woodsy notes. The exotic, steamy fragrance features a seductive scent that’s perfect for pushing the boundaries of sexy. It is the perfect way to tell those around you that there is more than just your outer beauty. The perfume bursts with the perfect scent necessary for you to maintain a touch of mystery, curdling the skin with an exotic and composition with an accent on sexiness.

7. Clinique Calyx


Clinique Calix is an innovative, energetic and liberating fragrance whose fresh, sparkling and exhilarating scents lifts every spirit and excites every sense. The fragrance brings to the world an entirely new genre of fruity floral fragrance with its blend of citrus, greens and florals. It is not only energizing, but an audacious and classic pick ideal for the fragrance connoisseur who appreciates the unique and distinctive nature of a woman. Its top notes include Passion fruit, Papaya, Oakmoss, Jasmine, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Mango, Vetiver, Muguet, Lily, Freesia and sandalwood.

6. Fantasy Britney Spears: Nice Remix


Britney Spears’ Fantasy is the second fragrance in the star’s line of scents. Launched in 2005 as a fun and invigorating scent, this women’s fragrance is perfect for a romantic evening out. Its sensual and gourmand woody-oriental scent contains a mi of notes, including kiwi, white chocolate, jasmine, quince, red lychee, musk, orris root and a super-sweet cupcake accord. All these notes blend together so perfectly to create a perfume that turns heads whenever you walk, and has a lasting impression. It is contained in an attractive, provocative heart bottle.

5. Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge


Vera Wang’s Be Jeweled Rouge fragrance for women is a sparkling floral fruit gourmand introduced in 2014 as a fantastic and playful scent that reflects the vitality and enthusiasm of the wonderful girl’s evening out. it combines both attitude, sense of glamour, happiness, fun and self-expression with its sparkling red currants and wild berries burst. The fragrance dazzles, sparkles and is bolder than ever with the amazing top, heart and base notes such as Mandarin, wild berry, red currant, cashmere woods, vanilla orchid, gardenia, forest berries and peony.

4. Pitbull Woman

Pitbull Woman

Pitbull Woman was launched by Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull in 2013 in collaboration with Parlux. Pitbull Woman is only a confident, magnetic and stylish fragrance, but also charismatic, spicy and sexy. Its formulation perfectly blossoms with immediate fascination making it the best choice for fans of nightlife and glitz and glamor details that complement youthful style. Top notes are Juicy raspberries and crisp red apples mingled with the brightness of sunny mandarin. Most user reviews describe the fragrance as a seductive and provocative scent that inspires the world’s nightlife. Heart notes are bergamot, verbena, sage, mandarin and cardamom while the base notes include vetiver, tonka bean, musk and amber.

3. Fresh Vanilla Lemon by Lavanila Laboratories


Looking bright and clean, Fresh Vanilla Lemon is an all-natural, freshly scented deodorant that provides superior and lasting odor protection. The fragrance features a wonderful collection of notes dedicated to the Madagascar vanilla. It is composed beautifully, appears tempting and pure, and contains natural ingredients of light and juicy lemon mixing its zest with aquatic fruit and green bamboo providing purity and freshness. Other notes contained in the fragrance include vanilla grapefruit, passion fruit and peach.

2. Botanical Cologne of the Cloister


Botanical Cologne of the Cloister is another fragrance of the collection inspired by delicious flowers in the Convert’s Cloister warmed by the midday sun. The fragrance offers a feeling of joy and well-being, thanks to its original recipe that beautifully blends luminous rose and pink peppercorn with four beneficial plants. Its longevity is extraordinary and of high quality. Its natural feeling will sooth your body and soul. Other notes include ginger, which is the source of vitality, invigorating cedar, refreshing grapefruit and the harmonizing geranium.

1. Channel No 5 by Chanel


Created and launched by the design house of Chanel in 1921, Chanel No. 5 is a legendary perfume with the most awesome smell of the women fragrances in the world. It is luxurious, classic and creates a strength and softness for those who want to look and smell elegant and beautiful. Inimitably comfortable and infinitely seductive, Chanel No. 5’s legend still lives, and each year they add to its mystery, depth and desirability. Top notes of Channel No. 5 are aldehyde, orange blossom water, bergamot orange and ylang-ylang. Middle notes include woodland lily, jasmine, rose, iris and orris while base notes include vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and vetiver.

With the above 10 fragrances, nothing will please you more. Whichever you pick, be assured you are buying the best in the world. And gain, you’ll not only be smelling good and fresh whenever you go, but also boosting your confidence, mood and general health.