One of the best household items every home should have is a multipurpose ladder. Although many of you might think that they might use it occasionally, still in those occasions there is no way you will solve the problem at hand without having one. Whether you are hanging Christmas lights, painting the house, cleaning the gutters or getting some stuff like debris from the roof a ladder is the most vital tool that comes in handy.

Therefore, ladders are very essential to us and it’s good to own one. However, owning one doesn’t mean not caring about the quality. You need the best. We have taken our time to research about the best ladders 2015 basing on customer reviews. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a list of top ten multipurpose ladders in 2015 that you should all look out for.

10. Little Giant Ladder 14016-110 Alta One Model 22

Little Giant Alta One 22 Foot Ladder with Work Platform (250-lb....

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This is a multipurpose ladder that is easy to move around due to its glide wheels. If it has to be moved, the only thing that is required of you is merely tipping it on its tips. The tip-N-glide wheels make it relatively simple to set up or use it either indoors or outdoors. Since it’s constructed of aluminum, it is very light and hence easy to carry around the homestead. To improve stability, it’s made with wide-flared legs. This ensures that the user feels comfortable when on top of it while doing their respective chores. It can also be used in up to 33 configurations including extension, A frame, 90 degree ladders as well as 3 different scaffolding positions.

9. Werner MT-22 300 Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders, 22-Foot

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This is a 22 foot high multi ladder with telescoping capabilities and a 300 pound rating. It has 28 working heights and positions if it’s converted into a 2 person stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder and scaffolding. According to many consumers, it’s build to last for longer because of its double riveted steps and durable design.

It also has a wide flared bottom that provides support as well as stability. Another thing that has made this multipurpose ladder stand out is soft touch push knobs which make your work be done easier.

8. Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 13-Foot

Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 13-Foot

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This is a 13 foot telescoping multiladder with 300 pound duty rating. It has 13 different working heights since it can easily into a 2 person stepladder, scaffold or an extension ladder. To ensure that the user does not fall off the ladder when it’s in use, it has double riveted steps and extra flared bottom. Also, height adjustments are also possible thanks to spring loaded J-locks. You can adjust the height of the ladder depending on the activity you are undertaking. Climbing on this ladder is no longer a threat since you can never fall down due to smooth curved side rails that provide comfort while the non-marring feet offer slip resistance.

7. Cosco 20-417T1AS Worlds Greatest Multi-Position Type 1A Ladder, 17-Foot, Aluminum

Cosco World's Greatest Multi-Position 21-Foot Ladder

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According to many people who have used this ladder before, one amazing thing about this ladder is that it folds with ease unlike others. It can also be climbed from any side and this enhances the flexibility. Many of the other ladders that are in the range of its price tag lack such flexibility.

Another factor that was noted by many users is that it can easily be converted into a step ladder, a stairway ladder, a wall ladder, an extension ladder as well as a scaffold. All these factors have made it feature among our top ten best ladders 2015.

6. Louisville Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS2006, 6-Feet/250lb

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This ladder holds the sixth spot among the top ten best ladders 2015. One of the features that make it appear in this list is that it is made of high quality aluminum which makes it light to be carried around with ease. It also has a multi-position safety locking hinges which enables the user to configure it in whichever direction they want to. What is even more amazing about this ladder is that it can easily be converted from a traditional 6’v shaped ladder to a 12’ straight ladder.

5. Werner 368 250-Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Stepladder, 8-Foot

Werner 368 stepladders, 8-Foot

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This is an 8 feet ladder that enables the user reach even the top of the roofs of the house. It’s also a 250 rated stepladder ladder and thus can support you together with the materials. Still, it has a tool tray top where you can put all your tools when working on areas that are very high such as on the roof of the house.When using this ladder, you no longer have to worry about the risk of falling down. This is all to thanks traction-tread steps that are slip-resistant.

4. Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Use

Little Giant Ladder Systems 12022 Revolution Use, 22 Foot...

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This is one of the most stable ladders that are available in the current market. This has been enhanced by its wide-flared legs, MAG4 hinge and aircraft grade aluminum. This makes you never to think about falling on the ground when climbing or descending. It can be used in up to 33 configurations such as three scaffolding positions, 90 degree ladders and A-frame extension among many others.

3. Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System

Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System, 26-Foot

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If you are in need of versatility, strength and safety, then this ladder should be among your top priorities. This ladder is very easy to move around since it has tip & glide wheels. You may use it both indoor and outdoor jobs and that’s why it’s preferred by many users. It can also be extended from 13 feet to 23 feet while the step ladder ranges from 6 feet to 11 feet. Thus, it can be used to reach the highest levels like the ceiling.

2. Cosco 20-413T1AS Worlds Greatest Multi-Position Type 1A Ladder, 13-Foot, Aluminum

Cosco 13' Multi-Positon Ladder System

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This is an aluminum made ladder with ability to support more than 300 pounds weight. It folds very easily when compared to others and hence easy to store. It also comes when already assembled thus you no longer have to assemble it. In addition, it may be used as a step ladder, wall ladder, an extension as well as a scaffold with a plank though it’s not included.

1. Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step ladder

Little Giant Ladders, Select Step with AirDeck Accessory, 5-8 foot,...

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This tops our list of top ten ladders 2015 because of its magnificent and unmatchable features. First of all, it has a comfort platform where the user steps their feet and this eliminates foot pain. Adjusting the ladder’s height is also quick and easy because of the presence of rock lock system. When on the ladder, the air-deck workstation provides stability and balance and thus you shouldn’t worry falling on the ground. Lastly, the ladder can be moved from one area to another with ease since it has tip & glide wheels.

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