Top 10 Best MacBook Pro with Retina Display Cases, Covers and Sleeves

MacBook Pro cases have a wide range of purposes, making them a great investment. They offer heavy-duty protection, add some style to your computing device, and contain reinforced corners and cushioning spine for further economical, effective, and solid-impact protection. Most cases are lined with velvet soft on the inside for added interior protection of your machine. In this article, we bring you the top 10 best MacBook Pro with Retina display cases, covers, and sleeves. Read on!

Top 10 Best MacBook Pro with Retina Display Cases, Covers and Sleeves Reviews

1. Kuzy-Paris White/Gray-Handmade-Cotton-Sleeve-Cover for MacBook-Pro-13″ with-Retina-Display

Kuzy-Paris Handmade Cotton MacBook case has a very beautiful Paris these on its exterior. Instead of the common closure systems such as zipper, lock, and magnetic, this case comes fitted with a button that proves to be even more effective than the others. With this case, you eliminate any chances of dust or scratches getting their way into your MacBook Pro. The case also has reinforced corners and a tough spine that perfectly brings with them added layers of defense. Another cool feature of this case is its ability to amazingly disguise your device, making it look more or less like a vintage book.

2. Speck-Products-SeeThru-Hard-Shell-Case for MacBook-Pro 13 Inch with-Retina-Display

Speck SeeThru Hard Shell MacBook Pro Case is a two-piece case that is exactly made with the exact outlook of Apple’s laptop logo of half-bitten apple. The case is perfectly designed to fit the machine perfectly. In fact with its hard, but light special material, it is a highly ideal guard against scratches and dust for the Pro. With this case, expect no single damage to your device as not even a tiny dust will invade the kind of safe zone that this case creates on your MacBook Pro. If you really adore your machine, this case is a perfect choice.

3. DIGITTRADE-LS164-13 Apple-Pen-Designer Bag MacBook Sleeve

This 13.3″ Laptop Cover is neoprene soft and has the ability to carry up to 13.3 – 13.6 inch lap. It is made of an anti-shock system that is tucked safely inside it to ensure that your Mac Pro is safely kept out of sight. It doesn’t matter whether you are; the case works even while sitting in a coffee shop, your dorm room, or anywhere else you plan to take your Mac. Besides helping you protect your device from rigor road, this amazing cover also helps keep your machine out of reach of the hands of thieves.

4. PLEMO-Homage-to-Freedom Neoprene 13-13.3 Inch MacBook Pro Sleeve-Case-Bag-Cover

This vintage cover is yellow in color and made from the most amazing of all materials – polyester foam. This material is a unique one and one of its own class enabling it to provide the highest quality protection that your machine deserves. It also offers full-time protection against dust, scratches which always ensures that your Mac Pro retains its original shape and condition throughout the time you will have it. Its closure system is mainly zipper, which of course you need not worry about because it closes as tight as you would prefer.

5. CaseCrown Neoprene Pink Sleeve Case for Macbook-Pro-with 13 Inch Retina Display

The most amazing feature of this fabulous Mac Pro case is its additional pocket for your iPad 4 / iPad 3. Additionally, the cover does not only fit with your Pro, but the extra small pocket also fits your ipad 4 and ipad 3 perfectly on the inside, alongside the lap. If there is one Mac Pro case that features the most amazing combination of special and unique material with soft inner cushioning and well-designed corners for maximum protection, then it is this particular case. It is a truly amazing choice for a Mac Pro owner.

6. Silver-Hand-Made-Diamante-Bling-Cover Macbook-Pro 13.3-Inch with-Retina Display

This MacBook Pro case features some of the most sophisticated specs. It comes with a swarovski bling style coupled with a diamond and a bling diamante that give the 13.3” case a class of its own. And, yes! You have read it right! The case is handmade and has a Retina display. It is completely amazing trying to wonder how meticulous the craftsmen of this case are by perfectly attaching each Rhino stone to the covers of the case resulting in the most beautiful, stunning look that any normal case can’t afford to showcase. The reputation of the case revolves around its durability and safety from external invaders.

7. Twelve South 13-Inch-MacBook-Pro-with Retina-display

Twelve South Mac Pro is a vintage-leather case that makes it a truly amazing case. Besides it rather boot-like appearance, this case is a 100 percent case. It is made from the best and genuine leather giving it the full trust of its users in terms of keeping the machine from any possible kind of damage. Its closure system is completely the zipper but coupled with four-corner straps inside. These straps ensure that your device is fixed firmly to a particular position while using it.

8. Snugg MacBook Pro 13-inch Lightweight Hard Case Cover

This silver, lightweight case is designed with precision, comfort, and durability in mind. It clips perfectly to the MacBook Pro 13″ making the machine much easier to carry around anywhere you go. The case comes fitted with a firm closure that has been adequately sealed to prevent any possibility of the lap splitting out. Its most beneficial feature is its ability to absorb shocks and touch collisions. It is truly worth a buy at its price.

9. GMYLE(R)-Woodland-Camouflage-Camo-Fibre-Coated Hard Shell 13inch MacBook Pro Carrying-Case Cover with RETINA display

One of the hottest MacBook Pro cases you will ever find in the market. The number reason why most people choose this case is primarily due to its hard cover, which is always a perfect maximum shield for the machine. In addition, the case carefully and wonderfully aligns all the Pro’s buttons, including the microphone, headphone jack among others. Its protection against scratches and external invaders such as dust is well beyond reproach. Amazingly, in this case, you don’t need to take out your machine when charging or while listening to music through the headphone.

10. Mosiso – Eiffel Tower-Retina 13-Inch Rubberized Hard-Case-Cover for Apple-MacBook Pro with-Retina-Display

What a romantic case! The covers of the Mosiso-Eiffel Tower Mac Pro case are beautifully and stunningly decorated with every bit of this you’ll call romantic – gentle colors, hearts, and of course the Eiffel Tower. This girlish case is simply special and the very fact that it is designed with a grid-shape at its back cover to act as a radiator to release the heat from the device when using it just makes it worth all the penny. It is simply second to none, and at its price, you will never find a better MacBook Pro case.

From these ten amazing products, you now have an informed outlook so that you can make the best choice on the type of case you want to buy. From these products listed above, you will be getting maximum quality and effective, economical protection like no other.

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