Of course, the job of a nurse is to take care of the patients both physically and mentally which they need to generally spend most of their shift hours in the hospital. However, the nurses also need to take care of their feet by wearing the best shoes; otherwise, they may have to face very serious consequences to their legs, back and hips over the long hours running during their job performance. It is true that buying the best shoes for nurses is not just another shopping activity as usual. In fact, there are a few factors that have to carefully take into account before buying these shoes, such as size, color, features, appearance, comfort and so on. Let see our summary below about the top 10 shoes for nurses.

1. Nurse Mates Women’s Bryar Slip-On Clog Shoes

This nurse mates Women’s Bryar Slip-On Clog Shoes are made with premium floater black leather uppers and have a stain-resistant finish. One of the most popular styles ever was its heel height approx. 2 1/4” tall with dual elastic side goring that make it flexible, shock absorbing which provides stability while you walk. Moreover, the slip-resistant polyurethane outsole styling provides a smooth professional appearance. This shoes will become your best friend on the work.

2. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

The leather Dove Slip-On Nursing Shoes is another best yet for your everyday work activities in the hospital. This shoes have a rubber insert for slip-resistance and longer wear which made them an easy on and off. They come with a synthetic shoe upper or in leather as well that can take a step further to offer additional comfort to your feet when wearing them. The design and styling have been done so such that you may be able to wear it outside duty hours also with casual wear.

3. Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog

This imported man-made sneaker design is quite attractive though there are no shoelaces because the sole is made from EVA rubber, which is quite reliable for such applications, without a doubt. Also, this extremely lightweight and flexible washable compound sole construction guards against fatigue that is often associated with heavy shoes. What is more, these shoes manufacture a wide range of color consistency throughout the footwear with special application for such as a pair of jeans, and you will look equally fashionable.

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Clog

This women’s work shoe features a leather upper for durable wear so that it will be best fit to all-day comfort. The Tone-Ups clog from Skechers for Work lies with shock absorbing midsole to supplement slip resistant outsole that will work in harmony to keep your feet protected in this easy to wear slip-on clog. Why don’t you work in comfort with the Skechers Clog SR slip-on shoe right here?

5. Nurse Mates Women’s Louise Oxford

Another leather upper and accent stitching nurse mate that provides simplistic style is this Nurse Mates Women’s Louise Oxford. To compensate your hard day at work, you should reward yourself with this special kind of shoe because it provides a lightweight fit with the cushion and support every busy nurse needs. What a plus for you is that these NurseMates shoes are as attractive and professional as they are tough.

6. Cherokee Workwear Women’s “Harmony” Padded Collar Slip On Nurses Shoe

Sporting with black or white, full-grain leather uppers with stain-resistant finishes, this composite slip shoe provides lightweight arch support and stability, keeping foot fatigue from making your shift a nightmare. Moreover, with its 100% cotton this Cherokee Uniforms brand is a good mix of style and comfort that provide resistance against setting or compression.

7. Quark Women’s Quarky Clog 570204

This stylish slip-on clog made from EVA and rubber will stretch and mold to your foot as they are so resistant to staining and fading that they don’t need cleaning or polishing to keep them a bright white. With its synthetic removable foot bed, they feature unique gel comfort insoles which have the ability to manage moisture in your feet. Also, the multiple womens sizes availability are a plus for your choice.

8. Nurse Mates Women’s Chelsea Clogs

This lightweight, blown leather outsoles include EVA rubber inserts, providing excellent slip-resistant and durability. You’re going to want these shoes for a long time, and they’re built to last. More importantly, with its minimal flex outsole with arch and metatarsal support, the Nurse Mates Women’s Chelsea Clogs are elegant, decorative footwear which it makes sense that you have a shoe that is unlike any other.

9. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog


The demands of a nurse’s’ life are unlike any other working person’s, you’ll always work the same shift, so at least you should have your shoes that will comfort you while you will spend lots of time together with them. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog is the right choice for you since it is not only just the original clogs, but also it features every style materials and construction carefully to promote good foot, leg and back health. You can stand better, for longer with this shoes, then say goodbye to choosing between looking good and feeling good and say hello to having it all.

10. Natural Uniform Comfortable Lightweight Nurse Nursing Slip Clogs

This professional comfortable Lightweight Nurse Nursing Slip Clogs have taken care of people feet with comfort for generation. So don’t wait up any longer, treat your feet well with this instep collar that provides durable reinforcement and toe protection while allowing toes to move comfortably. What a plus is that they also provide lateral stability and acts as a natural shoe horn to your feet no matter how long you wear them.