Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets in 2022 Reviews

To prevent accidents, almost all state laws now require drivers to keep their hands free while driving. Now, considering the fact that most people spend hours every day driving to and from work, Bluetooth headsets are literally life savers. It’s hard to believe that it’s well over 12 years since Bluetooth headsets were first introduced. A lot has happened since then. Features like voice cancellation and stereo audio are pretty much standard these days. Thanks to the immense popularity of these devices, tons of new products get introduced every year. Finding one that’s packed with clever features and also suits your wallet can be a tough task. To make life simpler, here’s our list of top 10 Bluetooth headsets in 2022.

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

1. Plantronics M50

Featuring first on our list is the Plantronics M50. Apart from all the standard features such as long battery life and noise cancellation, the M50 has the ability to stream music from the smartphone. It also comes with a neat new feature called the DeepSleep mode. This feature enables the headset to automatically turn on battery-saving mode whenever it’s away from the phone.

2. MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway

The Air Fi Runaway from MEElectronics is kind of like a hybrid between a headset and a headphone. It comes with all the comfort features like soft ear pads and an adjustable headband that a high-quality headphone should have. It also streams music from the phone and lets you seamlessly take calls in between. The Air Fi Runaway cleverly hides a lithium-ion battery which gives it an unmatched battery life of 12hours.

3. Sony SBH20B Jam Ear Buds

The Jam SBH20B is perfect for sweaty gym sessions or any kind of outdoor activity. The Sony Jam is sweat-resistant and its minimalistic design doesn’t let anything come between you and your workout. When not using the headset, the magnetic connection between the buds lets you hang it around the neck. The ear hooks enable a nice snug fit eliminating the need to constantly adjust the buds.

4. Jabra STYLE

If you’re looking for a headset that looks and acts futuristic then the Jabra Style is the clear winner. First of all, it lets you pair the device with any NFC-enabled tablet or smartphone by simply tapping the two devices together. The new Jabra also comes with an Intelligent Volume Control system that analyzes the surrounding environment to automatically adjust the volume ensuring the best audio clarity no matter where you are.

5. VXI BlueParrott B250-XT+

The B250-XT+ from BlueParrot makes it on to the list because of its industry-leading noise cancellation technology which cancels out 95% of the background noise. The BlueParrot app also converts your phone into a walkie-talkie enabling you to talk to anyone in the group with a push of a button.

6. Mpow FreeGo

The new Mpow FreeGo comes with a proprietary Clear Voice Capture technology which does a great job in terms of canceling out echo and background noise. Apart from that, this headset has a neat new trick up its sleeves as it can be connected to two devices at the same time, which is an obvious blessing for people carrying two smartphones.

7. Kinivo BTH240

The Kinivo BTH240 offers a nice blend of convenient features such as foldable design for easy storage and hybrid functionality that gives the best of headsets and headphones. Perhaps the best feature it offers is the auto music pause system, which automatically stops the music when an incoming call is received.

8. LG HBS-700 Tone

Ranking 3rd on our list thanks to its unrivaled popularity and reliability is the LG HBS-700 Tone. The headset comes with an SMS Reader App that reads you the incoming text messages in real-time. However, the highlight of this product has to be the around-the-neck design that comfortably keeps the headset wrapped around your neck when not in use.

9. Bose Series 2

Missing the top spot just by a slight margin is the Bose Series 2. The headset is armed with a unique Bose technology that enables it dynamically adjust according to the changing noise levels. The Series 2 also comes with a noise-rejecting microphone that cancels out ambient noise to produce audio that’s amazingly clear. However, what secures the Bose Series 2 a high ranking on our list is its side-specific design allowing the most comfortable fit imaginable.

10. Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235M

Featuring top on our list is the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235M. The headset is for the ultimate multitasker as it allows you to connect it to a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Living up to its ‘legend’ tagline the headset can understand an array of voice commands. The Plantronics headset also gives you voice alerts giving you vital real-time information such as caller name, talk time remaining, connection status, and many more.


Our list of top 10 Bluetooth headsets in 2022 was created keeping functionality, reliability, innovation, and features in mind. Even though they are ranked differently each and every headset mentioned above caters to a particular need. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget the best.

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