Top 10 Funny Welcome Mats

When visitors come knocking, the welcome mat is the first inclination of what is hiding just behind the door. For some, the traditional doormat simply says “welcome.” But what fun is that? That’s totally played out. You might as well have it say “a really boring person lives here.”

For those who want to give your neighbors, visiting relatives, or delivery man a major chuckle; these hilarious 10 funny welcome mats are right up your alley. They might just make visitors LOLlerskate down the street.

Top 10 Funny Doormats for Your Home

1. The “Home Security System” Doormat

Hey, you gotta let burglars know the deal, right? This hilarious doormat is all about keeping the crooks at bay.

2. The “Rambo Cat on a Unicorn with Machine Guns” Doormat

For those with more…um “eclectic” style, this Rambo-esque cat on a fire-breathing unicorn with machine guns is just the ticket. Although I have to admit, this might even be TOO FUNNY for your visitors to handle.

3. The “Creepy” Doormat

Your home’s guests will probably think twice before wearing skirts to your crib. This silly doormat is sure to make your visitors laugh every time.

4. The “Nice to Meet You” Mat

This doormat is very polite. Nice to meet you, Mat.

5. The “Sloth Astronaut” Doormat

I’m just gonna leave this right here….#NoCaptionNeeded.

6. The “Thirsty Homeowner” Doormat

Visitors bearing libations are always welcome in my book! This doormat really lets your home’s guests know the deal up front. Perfect for frat houses, sororities, and the homes of functioning alcoholics.

7. The “Rude” Doormat

For homeowners who really hate when people stop by their house, this no-frills doormat delivers a very clear message. And that message is simply to GTFO. All kidding aside, this ironic doormat is totally hilarious.

8. The “Thug with a Feminine Side” Doormat

Love flowers but still want to let the world know you have some street cred? Then this hilarious doormat is a MUST.

9. The “Helpful Reminder” Doormat

This mat is hilarious, but it also can be a HUGE lifesaver. The perfect checklist to make sure you have all the essentials before heading out.

10. The “Killing the Eyebrow Game” Doormat

Last but not least, this funny doormat will let your guests know your eyebrow game is on point.

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