There are a lot of high-end mobile phones in the market. However, if you are working all day long or you often have to travel a lot, no matter what brand you choose, you will always face one major problem: low battery life. Here is a solution for you: external portable battery chargers, yet there are many brands out there. Which one should you choose? Below is the review list of the 3 best-rated external portable battery chargers you can find available.

1. RAVPower 3rd Gen Deluxe


This model is manufactured and powered by iSmart with its latest technology. The huge capacity 15000mAh External Battery has 2 iSmart ports (Max 2.1A & 2.4A ) which means you can charge two devices not only simultaneously, but rapidly with the capacity charges an iPhone 5s almost 7 times, a Galaxy S5 over 4 times or an iPad Air once. To make it more competitive, the charger is made compatible with every device, ranging from Iphone and Samsung to Huawei or Xiaomi with charge speed up to 4 amps. In addition, the charger is powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery with over 500 battery charge cycles and security software which will shut the charger down when there is short circuit or over current, adding to its smooth, ebony varnish which allows you to power up in style of either built-in flashlight for dark or low-light environments. iSmart also has gracefully installed 4 status of LEDS to indicate the remaining charging capacity. With ultra reliable Samsung Lithium-Ion battery and over 500 battery charge cycles, security protection design: short-circuit and over-current protection; and from elegant look to the latest technology, this model is the best yet of iSmart.

2. Anker Astro E6


Anker has also introduced one of its best external charger. Anker® Astro E6 is powered by Anker latest technology, the PowerIQ, joining the 10 million+ powered by Amazon’s #1 charging brand, Exclusive PowerIQ Technology: Detects your device to deliver its fastest speed which has the capacity charging speed up to 3 amps per port or 4 amps through three ports. This incredible capacity can charge the iPhone 6 over eight times, the 6 Plus or Galaxy S5 over five times and the iPad Air over one and a half times. Moreover, the model is equipped with Premium LG cells which has the capacity of 20800mAh. Aside from its intangible merit, it has an elegant design with pure color of white or black highlighting by LED flashlight. Finally, the charger is compatible with almost every device and comes with a package of welcome guide, Micro USB cable, travel pouch and our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service, except the recharges in 10-12 hours with a 2 amp adapter.

3. Anker E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger


Another best product of Anker is Anker® Astro E1. The same as the other flagship charger of Anker, the model is embedded with Anker Power IQ technology, joining the 10 million+ powered by Amazon’s #1 charging brand, Exclusive PowerIQ Technology: Detects your device to deliver its fastest speed which allows the charge speed up to 2 Amps. With its 5200 mAh capacity, possibly adding two charges to an iPhone 6 or 5s, at least one full charge to a 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, Note 4, Nexus 5 and other smartphones, or even an 80% charge to an iPad mini, the model is compatible with most of the devices in the market with the incredibly compact of the size of a small candy bar (3.8 × 1.7 × 0.9in, 4.2oz) that it fits perfectly in your pocket. Last but not least, you might find this model even more interesting due to the fact that it is the smallest of the three that comes with a micro USB cable and 18-month warranty, except the recharges in 5 hours with a 1A adapter.

With one of these in hands, you will not have to worry about your battery running out of power at an important occasion, and if it does, it could be sever in such as a case of a business urgent communication. However, after owning this, that is not likely to happen to you at all. At the same time, you will be having a good experience using this top rated external battery chargers. You will definitely bring it with you all the times like you do with your smart phone.