Imagine you are in an expensive suit and carrying high-end hand phone. Everyone is gawking at you, yet if they look carefully on your handsome face, they can see your long and protruding nose hair.  While a minority of people might consider it as attractive, the majority would think otherwise. Hence, we introduce the top 3 best nose hair trimmers to help solve your problem and be nice at all times.

1. Panasonic ER-GN30-K


While Panasonic is famous for their big electronic device, they introduce their best model in the small gadget world as well. The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer uses the Vortext Cleaning System which releases the water from the top to provide thorough cleaning. On top of that, the model uses Dual-Edge Hypo-Allergenic stainless blade which can incredibly trim hair from all sides and leave approximate amount of hairs for filtering. With these top-notch technologies, the device also has an astounding design that feels snug in your hand. You can also use it to trim your eyebrow or your beard. Hence, you are a person that requires the best, this is the one for you. Moreover, Panasonic ER-GN30-K vortex wet/dry nose and facial hair trimmer makes it easy not only just for you to keep those embarrassing hairs in your nose and face nice and trimmed, it is also perfectly designed for use in the shower at home, yet small enough to take on the road. Furthermore, with dual-edge blade and curved hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades, the Panasonic ER-GN30-K Wet/Dry trimmer provides a safe and easy way to trim facial hair which enters the trimmer from not only the sides but also the top that leave the proper amount of hairs for natural filtering. By only one hand to immerse the trimmer, the water is pulled in from the sides, spun through the unit and ejected from the top so that it eliminates the possibility of injury from using scissors.

2. Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer


The next model is Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100. The model is designed with simplicity that is easy to handle and totally washable. The main features of this model are the ultra-sharp Chromium steel blade and the Philips Skin-Guard technology with the skin-friendly detailer and comb to make you remove unwanted hair faster, safer and more comfortable. In addition, besides your nose, this model is can be used to trim the hair on your neck, sideburns, stubble, beard, ear and eyebrow. The ultra-sharp Chromium steel blade avoids pulling for a more comfortable trimming experience. The unique skin-guard technology surrounds the blade and also protects against nicks and cuts. It has a non-slip grip for maximum control and comfort. The Philips Norelco NoseTrimmer 3700 comes with 2 eyebrow trimming combs, 45 day risk-free trial and a full 2 year warranty. Packaging Includes: Electric trimmer, detailer head, AA battery, 2 eyebrow trimming combs, detailer comb, protective cap, deluxe storage case and cleaning brush. Amazing features with reasonable price, it surely is one of the best out there.

3. Wahl 5546-200


The last model which is highly recommended is Wahl 5546-200 Ear, Nose and Brow 2-in-1 Deluxe Lighted Trimmer. Of the Wahl Company, this model is equipped with hygienic grooming technology which allows you to use the device on your nose, eyebrow and ear. With stainless steel and mini-spotlight integration, the trimmer provides clean and thorough cut. This ear, nose and brow 2-in-1 deluxe lighted trimmer includes battery-operated trimmer, detail head, rotary head, eyebrow guide, protective cap, 1 AA battery, and English/Spanish instructions with no pull, no pain guaranteed. Importantly, with an integrated mini-spotlight allows you to never miss a hair, you can use this trimmer in both wet and dry condition. Finally, the cutting head can detached to allow easy cleaning. With this all-in-one trimmer, you can trim your hair confidently.

To get rid of the unwanted nose hair in a safe, convenient and comfortable way is no longer a big deal if you have made the smart decision to order one of these home. They are among the top best products available on the market, and you can expect great service from them in return. To date, these three products have made a lot of customers satisfy, and it should do to you too.