As daily life become busier, some people do not have time to clean their houses. Truth be told, to hire a housemaid in some countries is not a viable option either. Hence, as technology keeps advancing, human try to perfect robot to do their jobs, one of which is to clean up their mess for them. Therefore, we introduce robotic housemaids who can keep your house clean and healthy with cheaper price. Here are the top three robotic cleaners to trust.

1. iRobot Roomba 880


iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum is one of the best high-end robot cleaners you can find in the market. The model has a flawless design and is equipped with the latest technologies yet. First, in terms of performance, iRobot Roomba 800 is embedded with the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System consisting of the Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors which are virtually maintenance-free and could deliver extreme cleaning performance. Next, the model is automatically maneuver. The Dirt Detect 2 helps the device seek dirt, dust, hair, debris and harmful allergens everywhere. In addition, the iAdapt Responsive Navigation and Virtual Wall Lighthouses Technology guide Roomba to every crook and crannies of your house by covering every area multiple times for thorough cleaning. In addition, Roomba 880 is equipped with HEPA Filtration, which has the capacity to suck particles as small as 0.03 microns, making it ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners. Finally, if you are worried about the battery life, iRobot has thought it through for you. Roomba is powered by iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery which can perform longer and with Automatic Docking, Roomba will return to its Home Base to recharge itself. Hence, with these incredible features, Roomba is one of the best housemaids you can have.

2. iRobot Roomba 870


Like its brother Roomba 880, Roomba 870 has the astounding features of Roomba 870 from similar design to software. Roomba 870 is proven to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris and harmful allergens for all floor types with less maintenance hassle. The model is equipped with AeroForce Performance Cleaning System which helps Roomba to deliver perfect cleaning. iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology, Dirt Detect Series 2 and Virtual Wall Barriers automatically navigate Roomba to everywhere in your house where there is dirt, dust, or grime. With these technologies Roomba will clean your house effortlessly, avoiding obstacles, vacuuming under and around furniture and effectively cleaning every area of your floor multiple times. Importantly, it would detect the dirtiest areas and focus extra cleaning energy where it’s needed most. Regarding the power, to prolong Roomba’s battery life, it is powered by iRobot XLife Battery and with Automatic Docking Roomba can find a way to its home base to recharge by itself. Last but not least, to make Roomba even more useful, you can schedule Roomba up to seven cleanings per week by itself. Nonetheless, Roomba 870 is cheaper than Roomba 880 and does not have the HEPA Filtration like Roomba 880. With all thing considered, Roomba 870 might be the perfect choice for those who seek the high-end products with appropriate price.

3. Mint 4200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner


Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner (4200) is not a vacuum but a cleaner. The device is designed to sweep and clean hard surface floors. First of all, Mint is maneuvered by the NorthStar Navigation System which helps Mint to determine the location to clean. The special feature of this system is that it works like a GPs. The NorthStar cube signifies the areas that Mint has to clean, and then it starts to build a map of the areas where Mint goes so that after finishing the cleaning, Mint will perform a final edge cleaning around the walls and obstacles and then return to its home base. With this mapping system Mint can perform thorough cleaning around obstacles, such as chairs, table, a stand, fireplace and so on. It can perform up to 800 square feet and work up to 3 hours per charge. Next, for thorough cleaning, Mint is designed with two modes. While the Sweep Mode uses dry cloth to pick up dirt and debris, the Mop Mode uses the pre-moistened cloth to pick up deeper dirt. Finally, the cleaning cloth is available as disposable cloths or re-useable microfiber cloths which can be re-washed and re-used a lot of times. There are different cloths designed to optimize both sweeping and mopping. Hence, if sweeping and mopping are tedious to you, Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner is the perfect assistance.