Bread has become the most important food in human diet for thousands of years. As the world become more civilized, human can no longer eat their bread bare hand or bit chunk by chunk from the bread like cavemen. For several decades, human find a way to innovate the equipment to slice the bread evenly and beautifully. Below is the review of the top 5 best bread loaf slicers in 2015.

1. Bread Slicer – Multi-functional


Bread Slicer by Skater is the multi-functional bread slicer which is very popular in Japan. It is made from strong, thick plastic that provides better, tough appearance. The main features of this device are that it can cut 4 different thicknesses at the same time, and it can be used not only with bread but with ham and cheese as well. Last but not least, the slicer is designed for easy cleaning, and it can be folded up to save space in your kitchen. With its pure white color and elegant design, if you are looking for a top quality multi-functional bread slicer, this model is recommended.

2. Kitchencraft Bread Keeper, Expanding


Kitchencraft introduces one of its finest innovations, the KitchenCraft Bread Keeper and Expanding, which is made of Acrylic. With its Handy Slicing Guide, you can slice your bread evenly and produce the same standard thickness you can find in the market. Moreover, the Bread keeper is very convenient to use; with its small air vents, it is able to keep your bread fresh by allowing just enough air in, which normal plastic wrap cannot do. With these simple gadgets, you can do much more with your bread.

3. Bread Slicer Elite


The slicer is manually made in Florida, USA. First, it is made of fine materials. The Slicing guide is made of high quality stainless steel; likewise, the bread board is made of solid Maple Wood. Moreover, for stability, the equipment is assembled with stainless steel screws to make it more sturdy; on the bottom of the equipment, there is a rubber feet to grip the counter top. With its elegant shape and the finest natural materials, the slicer will last longer than the other products in the market. Next, the slicer is designed with simplicity which allows you to conveniently and evenly slice your loaves at your own will anytime you want. Therefore, if you want a gadget that can be both cut your bread perfectly and decorate your kitchen stylishly, this is the model you are looking for.

4. Maple Bread Slicer Classic


Maple Bread Slicer Classic is another slicer that you should consider for its main outstanding features. First, the whole slicer is made from the best hard, thick Maple wood and assembled with extra stainless steel screws to avoid rust and to provide sturdy construction that last longer than other models in the market. With hard, thick Maple wood, the slicer is so tough that it is easily stored, and you can stack other things on top of it. Taking the best raw materials aside, the slice is designed for customer’s conveniences. Almost all of bread knives are fit into the gap, and its rubber feet is equipped to grip tightly to the countertop. Moreover, it can be used by both left and right handed persons. Importantly, due to its broad board, the slicer can conveniently cut almost any size of bread. Finally, in addition to the fact that the slicer is manually crafted, in order to make the slicer looks nice in your kitchen, each side of the backing board is cut from the same piece of hard Maple wood so that the texture of the wood would continue from one side to the others which makes the slicer looks stylish. From high quality material to its easy-to-use features, you will feel the product is worth every penny you spend.

5. The Bread Pal Bread Slicer


The final product of the review is the Bread Pal Bread Slicer, 100% American product. Regarding its raw materials, the slicer is made with Maple and Birch hardwood and hardwood faced materials with a high density polyethylene cutting surface that deliver perfect slicing. Its design, on the other hand, is amazing clever. The slicer is designed to be the simplest bread slicing guide that can slice ½” and 3/8” pieces evenly, and if you like thicker slices, just slice in every other slot. That is not all; to make it easy to store and to save space in your kitchen, the slicer can be folded, yet with its spring loaded design, you can reset it without having to assemble it all over again. If you are looking for a very simple and classic bread slicing guide, you must try this one.