Top 5 Best Nail Polish Sets in 2022 Review

If you decided to start collecting nail polish sets for this year, why not begin with the most popular among your peers? The better the reviews, the better the set right? You can definitely assure the quality of what you will get through knowing what your fellow customers feel and experience about these nail polish sets. So here are five of the best sets you can buy plus what most people think about it to help you decide which one you want to initiate your nail polish collection. Let’s start from the 5th spot.

Top 5 Best Nail Polish Sets Review

1. China Glaze Poolside Collection

This 6-piece set has everything that you would need, whether starting a collection or adding new polishes to it. It’s fun and bold and just great for summers. It lasts longer with its special formulation. What’s great is it can also maintain its shine and luster even after quite some time of wearing it. The price is also good and it wouldn’t hurt your budget for 6 fun nail colors you can create different striking looks with.

2. Kleancolor Nail Lacquers 6 Colors

Pastel Spring Collection – Now this is truly the collection starter. Beginning with 6 simple pastel colors will be great for those that don’t really have experience with nail polish. The colors are simple pastels; perfect for spring. And for its cheap price, you wouldn’t be expecting cheap and thin nail polish. Instead, you can get thick and high-quality polish. Then again from Kleancolor, you can expect so much from it just like with the other sets in this list. Customers themselves and even expert people have commended the quality of this little set. You can wear these simple looks and still be cool and trendy.

3. 48 Piece Rainbow Colors Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer by Kleancolor

Another one on the list by Kleancolor. If you liked their 12-piece set, then you’d absolutely adore this 48-piece set. This is definitely a great way to start a collection. It would feel like you already had years of collecting. The price isn’t bad for this whole set especially when there are beautiful colors you can get. There are neutral colors, dark and seductive colors, cool grays, teals, metallic and glitters, a few neon polishes, and holographic. Whatever nail art you want, you can achieve. Whatever color you are looking for, you can get it. You can get creative with this but the Holo Chrome nail polish alone can definitely delight you. What you see in pictures would be exactly what you will get. It also features long-wear chip resistance.

4. Emori ™ 32 Piece Vibrant Color Nail Lacquer Combo Set + 3 Sets of Scented Nail Polish Remover

You can get this in the range of $22 to $50 depending on where you are getting it. But to actually look into the set, this is pretty much a great deal. There are various colors that you can get in glitter, metallic, neon, and regular colors. This set can help you create different and unique looks. For the colors, you can be sure it’s vibrant and bold. You might need to apply a few thick coats for glitter nail polish but the end results would be great. The white polish is pure white and it’s great since others would have a sort of dirty white look. It also lasts longer than other nail polishes and features chip resistance. Nonetheless, it takes quite some time for it to dry so just try to relax after painting your nails.

5. Kleancolor Nail Polish – Awesome Metallic Full Size Lacquer

If you’re just about the colors, then this set will be awesome for you. After trying and loving it, you would know you are not the only one who thinks so. Kleancolor Nail Polish offers gorgeous colors: the standard rainbow colors plus white and black. You can get all these colors in a 12-piece set. These nail polishes give off a metallic shimmer so you don’t need any nail art just to make your nails look better. This is smooth to apply and gives off a great finish in just two coats. Plus it offers Very Long Wearing Chip-resistance and therefore could last a long time. If you want to mix and match the colors, each nail polish can blend well with others even of a different brand and type. What’s more, is that this is an inexpensive start for you.

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