“Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser’ was a simple instruction if only it was that simple in this day an age. Today filing a tax return can be a complicated issue if not downright frustrating. Lucky for us today we also have programs that help us and small business sort out tour tax issues. We have reviewed and highlighted the features of the top 5 tax preparatory software for this year:

5. Drake Tax Software

The Drake software enjoys a solid reputation from the company that created it. With over 47,000 devoted tax professionals all over the country using this softwareto process over 22million tax returns annually. You can be sure that this soft ware is one to be taken seriously. For individual and small business tax returns this software will aid any tax professional. Alsofor student studying to become tax professionals, they should include this particular software in their shopping cart. HeCompany also provided a trial copy forfree. It is a high end but useful software and any experienced professional would confirm this as well. A widespread name for this product is “the professional tax solution,”

4. TaxSlayer

This tax guide almost came in third in The Simple Dollar of Top 3 best tax software’s. The tax slayer is a web and mobile only tax prep service .This tax service is still very good despite not making the Top 3.If you’re not keen on having a hard copy of the tax software. The tax slayer is affordable and flexible allowing you to skip sections you do not need. It is designed after a military focused guide to tax preparation. A section also helps monitor those land mark events, it however wont process complex deductions.it has options for iOS and android and permits free Federal filing .You don’t have to pay for stuff you do not need this is made possible by the multiple tiers option. You can make enquiries only via email and phone.

3. TaxACT 2014 Ultimate Bundle

TaxACT 2014 Ultimate Bundleincorporates the federal and state returns. The major cost of this bundle goes to the state returns, while the Federal e-file is actually free. It includes only one free Federal e-file, thus if you desire to file more than one return then you’re better off with another software that incorporates more than one e-file. The software disc can be downloaded for multiple computers .Selected payroll providers have made import options such as W-2 Import,Gains Keeper Importand Stock Import available on the software, this saves you time. Users that require help can get it via phone.

2. TurboTax

Rated by The wire cutter as the best tax software and featuring in the New York Times as offering the fastest old return imports, Turbo Tax also has the best smartphone tax application in the market.

Though lately, the software company has come under a whole lot of attack for its increase in price. TurboTax is responding to this by offering rebates to customers in order to retain loyalty. Other users are considering switching to software to file their last year returns. The e deluxe version has certain features moved up to the Turbo Tax premier version and users can only asses those features via paid updates. However if you are not keen on things like rental income,self-employment income andinvestment income then this upgrade may not affect you. The TurboTax brand is a well-recognized brand in the tax world and has a superb smart phone app along with the fast import of old returns.

1.H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe

The H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe is the crème d la crème of tax software, user reviews have identified that   this software is a step up on the Turbo Tax version. Customers have indicated that the H&R was better in terms of design and navigation and offered better value i.e. it is also cheaper than the Turbo tax software. The software comes as a digital download and is also available in compact disc .It offers 5 free federal e-files and operates on a variety of operating systems. You can also access free online expert tax advice via chat, an in –person audit assistance and comes with a refund guarantee.