Yoga is one of the fitness exercises that have gained popularity all across the world in recent years. This is because of the exercise’s ability to develop flexibility, strength muscle, increase strength and improve the general health in general. Are you among individuals who would wish to engage in yoga practices but unfortunately there is nowhere you can find physical classes or a trainer?

If you have no trainer to take you through yoga training it should not bother you. There are professionals who have compiled together audio and visual DVDs for you to watch. The good thing about them is that you are taken step by step for every pose. Although it might seem hard at first, once you practice for some days it will be very easy and you will end up enjoying it. Below is a review of top 5 best Yoga DVDs in 2015.

5. Ali MacGraw – Yoga Mind & Body

5. Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body
This is a DVD compiled by actress Ali Mcgraw who has a great experience in yoga fitness exercises. So as to give you the best, she has gone ahead to incorporate another yoga master Erich Schirffmann to take you the poses in an eloquent and slow pose steps. It is 45 minutes long and the instructions are very clear. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t worry because the poses are instructions are explained in a flawless manner that is understandable with maximum concentration. The work outs are also accompanied with soothing music to create an exercise like environment. Make your body flexible by using this marvelous Yoga DVD guide.

4. Shiva Rea: Flow Yoga for Beginners

4. Shiva Rea: Flow Yoga for Beginners
It is a DVD full of yoga fitness exercise that have been categorically been divided into different sections. The sections are divided in order to give you the learner gain knowledge on what exercises belong to what classes. This is a plus to Shiva Rea since you always find that many Yoga DVDs out there combine all the poses without informing the user which belongs where.

Another thing is that it teaches you how to link breath with body movement in order to perfect the yoga exercises. The whole DVD is 70 minutes and is divided into foundation flow (14 minutes), beginner’s backbend flow (20 minutes), relaxing flexibility flow (10 minutes) and lastly beginner’s standing pose flow (23 minutes). Altogether, it is a health program worth recommending.

3. The Ultimate Yogi: Travis Eliot, Jason Reim

3. The Ultimate Yogi: Travis Eliot, Jason Reim
This is a 108 day yoga workout that has been specifically developed for those that need toned muscles, increased flexibility, strength and vitality a well as weight loss. The instructions flow very smoothly and are explained in a plain language for beginners to understand. Additionally, all the sessions have been separated into specifics to help you understand what and why you are doing it.

The trainer goes ahead to explain each and every pose in a stepwise and slow manner. This is to make you feel as if you are in physical presence with him in the same room. The 108 day program is separated into three 36 day phases to help you gain healthy body in a step by step method.

2. Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy Workout DVD

2. Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout DVD
Do you want to get a perfect body like that of celebrated yoga and fitness instructor Mandy Igber? Then the only way to that is by following what she has compiled in her DVD. The DVD comes in 2 versions; one for a 30 minute routine and the other for 55 minute challenge. The hybrid work out pairs will give you the best shape of the body you have always desired in your life. The instructions are straightforward and hence you do need personal presence of a yoga expert to take you through the poses. You just need to watch and follow what is done simple!

1. Yoga Journal’s Complete Beginners Guide with Pose Encyclopedia

1. Yoga Journal's Complete Beginners Guide with Pose Encyclopedia
If you want a body shape that every other person wishes to have, then this is the right DVD you can ever go for. It has all the ingredients necessary for yoga fitness. The instructions are simple to follow and are given in a slow and understandable manner. It comes with a 360 degree of pose photos to guide you through all the poses. Furthermore, it is divided into specific sections such as backbends and standing poses for your benefits.