We live in a fast-paced world that forces us to “grab and go” most of our day. If you catch yourself stopping at the drive thru window for a cup of coffee more than once, chances are you don’t have a travel mug. There are so many options for you to choose from in the world of travel mugs, from characters to monogrammed to designer. Here is the complete list you need to choose what stylish tote to use for your beverages next.

Contigo Stainless Steel Tumblers

Contigo travel mugs are famous for their leak-proof properties and never burning your hand while keeping your drink piping hot. From personal experience, I know these mugs last years on end. You could set it in a pile of snow and beat it with a baseball bat and it would still serve it’s purpose just as well as a new one. You can check them out for yourself (and their line of water bottles) here.  Soon, your whole family will be drinking out of snazzy Contigos.

Thermos Raya Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Thermos Raya travel mugs are nearly all stainless steel with a slim body that come in tons of colors. They are about the same price as Contigos, and have smaller bottoms (Contigos tend to fan out at the bottom). If you can’t fit your mug in your car cup holder, this is s great choice for you. Check out more choices from Thermos here.

Zorjirushi Tuff MugThis travel mug holds a hefty 32 ounces of your favorite hot beverage, and is guaranteed to keep it warm with it’s screw-on lid. Even if it won’t fit in your cup holder, when sealed correctly it can roll all over the floorboards of your car and still not spill.

Check out what Zorjirushi has to offer.

Oxo Liquiseal Travel Mug

This mug is fantastic if you are prone to drop it on concrete, down a flight of stairs, or off a cliff. Though it runs cheaper than most mugs, this mug will take a beating for the safety of your caffeine. You can find this at many department stores like Kohl’s or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or just order it online here.


The four previous mugs are pretty cut-and-dry to look at. If you want to access your inner child, check out the Tervis website. You can construct your own mug from scratch with your own photos (directly linked from Facebook or Instagram, or uploaded) and decorate it. Along with travel mugs, they make goblets, water bottles, sippy cups, all of which come in different designs or characters spanning from Mickey Mouse and friends to the NFL. I provided my own little ugly creation of my dog, because there is no one else I’d rather look at all day than him. Check out pre-designed Tervis products here.
mickey tervis

Thermos Commuter Bottle

If you think that your coffee isn’t hot enough until you burn your tongue, this mug guarantees hot coffee for 8 hours and a cold beverage for 12. Now THAT is awesome. Check them out for yourself on here.

Hopefully this article has helped you out in deciding on which mug will be next in your cupholder. Another major vantage point of travel mugs is that they are reusable, automatically meaning they are good for the environment. Single-use cups from your nearest fast food chain or that come in the 12 packs at the grocery store may be handy, but are eventually a waste a money and sometimes aren’t recyclable. Be sure to let us know what you think when you decide on your next cup companion!